‚ÄčEastern Florida Autism Center  believes that all children can learn when provided the appropriate environment and curriculum.  Our staff is skilled in developing and delivering specialized individualized programs designed on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA Therapy) and Skinner's Analysis of Verbal Behavior (VB). We focus on the development of behavior, language, social/play skills, academics, and adaptive daily living (ADL) skills. We provide families the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills to help transfer their children's learning across all environments through monthly caregiver training and on-going support. 


Eastern Florida Autism Center takes a whole-child approach to learning. Analysts, teachers, and support staff work together to meet the academic, social, behavioral, and independent living skills for each and every child we serve.


Eastern Florida Autism Center takes pride in providing the best quality services for our clients. In addition, we employ the most qualified professionals to provide the direct care of our clients. We also implement an extensive professional training program that includes ongoing integrity checks and mandatory continuing education credits to ensure that all staff maintains the highest standard of quality.